Perennial pepperweed control plots underway

By late August, clear differences could be seen among herbicide treatments.

With the help of Nate Weber of Crop Production Services and permission to use an infested site on property owned by Renown Medical Center, seven demonstration plots were launched in 2012. The plots show local residents differences in the effectiveness of various herbicides in controlling perennial pepperweed (tall whitetop).

Prior to treatment, stem counts were collected from a one-meter square in each plot. Plots were sprayed when plants were blooming on June 6. Herbicides applied included imazapyr (Nufarm PolarisÒ), chlorsulfuron (Telar XPÒ), glyphosate (Roundup ProÒ), 2,4-D (Amine 4Ò), OpensightÒ (aminopyralid and metsulfuron methyl) and PerspectiveÒ (aminocyclopyrachlor and chlorsulfuron). Materials and spray time were donated by Crop Production Services. Signs describing the treatments for local residents were left in place throughout the growing season.

Weed group members toured the site on August 7 to view preliminary results, and will return to the site in 2013 to continue to learn from the plots. Watch for more opportunities to tour the site in the future.

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