NWMA Releases Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

Nevada Weed Management Association LogoThe Nevada Weed Management Association (NWMA), an organization which “provides education, legislative support, professional development, information sharing, and other services to entities and individuals on the management of invasive plant species on Nevada lands” released the second issue of its newsletter for sharing information and technology on managing invasive weeds in Nevada (http://nvwma.org/). This Spring/Summer 2013 edition is available online as a PDF and includes the following content:

  • Letter from the President
  • Weeds to Watch: Houndstongue
  • NDA Weed-Free Hay
  • Management Tools: Milestone on Medusahead
  • Restoration in Progress: Post-Fire Rehab
  • Calendar of Events

Of particular note in this newsletter are the Letter from the President section, as it includes information about this year’s NWMA leadership, and the article on Houndstongue, as this vile weed is a danger to Nevada’s livestock industry.

Letter from the President

The Letter from the President section discusses the progress of the weed management association in recent years, details the results of a recent membership survey and publishes the names of the NWMA 2013 Board of Officers and a list of its committees.

NWMA 2013 Board of Officers:

  • President: Robin Wilson, Nevada Audubon Society
  • Vice President: Paula Day, Tri-County Weed Control
  • Treasurer: Andrea Minor, Bureau of Reclamation
  • Secretary: Margie Evans, UNCE; Carson City Weed Coalition
  • Trustee: Nate Weber, CPS

Weeds to Watch: Houndstongue

NWMA Secretary Margie Evan’s article on Houndstongue is very informative. Although this weed is an uncommon weed in Nevada, it poses a great threat to Nevada’s livestock industry as it is toxic to livestock and reduces the price of wool. To learn more about Houndstongue, including its origin, infestation locations, preferred growing environments, methods of spread and treatment information, download this newsletter article to your computer or mobile device for easy reading.

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