Invasive Species Awareness Week: May 20-26

JoAnne Skelly, UNCE.
JoAnne Skelly, UNCE.

JoAnne Skelly, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Carson City/Storey County Extension Educator, wrote an article about the upcoming 2013 Invasive Species Awareness Week. Held May 20-26, 2013, this week is designed to increase awareness of the dangers invasive species pose and the many ways each and every one of us can make a difference in protecting our natural resources from invasive species.

Below are a couple of paragraphs from the article as a teaser. I encourage you all to follow the link to the complete article and to read the whole thing. Take to heart JoAnne’s message that “[e]ach of us can play a significant role” and contact us to get started in yours as a Truckee Meadows Weed Coordinating Group volunteer.

There are destructive exotic insects invading our forests, our crops, our landscapes; .exotic mussels invading our waterways and lakes; and exotic weeds taking over our fields, stream areas, home landscapes and rangelands. May 20 through May 26 is Invasive Species Awareness Week. What do you know about invasive species?

A noxious weed is a plant that has been identified by the state of Nevada to be harmful to agriculture, the general public or the environment. Once noxious weeds inhabit a site, they often reproduce profusely, creating dense stands with thousands to millions of seeds in the soil that can persist for many years. Impacts of noxious weeds include: increased soil erosion and salinity, increased flood potential, decreased water quality, decreased forage and crop yield, displaced wildlife and native plants, reduced recreational potential, reduced aesthetic value, injury to humans and animals, and increased fire danger. It costs a lot to control these weeds.


Read the rest of this article at the Grow Your Own, Nevada! website.

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