August 2013 TMWCG Meeting Notes

TMWCG Meeting Notes – 8/13/13

9:02 Start

Meeting Called To Order, Lynda Nelson officiated – introductions around the table

Michelle Holchrein, NLT– update on TRF #90 grant and weed abatement work. (Lynda explained what the TRF grants are). Funding coming to a close, new money being sought.

  • GBI crews early in summer for 2 wks. Back this week for re-treat, spot treat.
  • Seeing more knapweed, loosestrife in Lockwood and Sparks Drain (latter treated by Hay Services)
  • Identified another loosestrife location at 5301 Longley , W side.
  • All previously identified Medusahead areas treated, looking good.
  • Working on final weed monitoring report from this year’s work.
  • Swan Lake foxtail barley and TWT being mowed 2x then sprayed and ultimately seeded.

Lynda explained how this group’s weed plan was designed (plan designed funded by TRF so we could work collaboratively instead of applying for funds piecemeal) and that the group then went on to create an annual “weed mgt. action plan”.  Jamie Greer asked if we can each come up with areas we’d like to see treated with the TRF funding.

Sonya Giroux, NLT explained the other funding sources NLT has identified for treatment of weeds that may not be within the CWMA footprint.

Cheryl Surface, Washoe Co Park Planning – AARA work/funding will run through end of September

More thistle found adjacent to Riverbend in Verdi at a trailer park– got ROE to enter property

Success with treating thistle in that area with Opensite

She’s looking at purchasing sprayers, masks and chemicals with remaining funds for use on project locations that the group could “borrow” like a kit.

Re-treating of knapweed by contractor along Hwy 80 near Boca exit. On an island in the river (contaminating downstream)

Red Rock – impacted by fire this summer. Contractor looking at it now, to restore BMP’s.

Renee Aldrich, Friends of NV Wilderness – Treated Hunter Creek Drainage where the fork comes in as well as above waterfall (used KTMB volunteers)l. Applied to TRF 8/6 cycle for more work in this area.

Jamie Souza, KTMB – Next big clean up of 15 sites 9/28. Applied to TRF for funding support. Date may move off of Mother’s Day weekend. “Waste Warriors” video w lessons (content to mirror NDOA curriculum). Working through schools. Video launch 8/27 through high school science classes.

Lynda Nelson, NLT – reviewed all the locations weed work has been done this year by NLT. Manzanita Canyon, Evans Creek, World Properties, Maplewood Stables (in PV), Residential section of Steamboat in PV up thru Murray Ranch.  Because NLT grant funding for both Caughlin and Washoe fires is coming to an end, it is going to be necessary to put some of the sites treated with these funds onto the CMWA action plan to monitor ongoing.

Brief discussion of why/when BLM or USFS would bring resources to bear on an urban interface fire (must be >300 acres). Our desire to ask for Emergency Order to stay open long enough for local BAER team to get on the ground to do assessment. NLT has spoken to USFS and WCO to allow us to come to the table with the “formal BAER team” with a draft roles and responsibilities and a request to establish an MOU of some sort. To date there has been no interest in formalizing an agreement.

NLT has 2 – $5000 grants (NDOA and WaCO SQ1) to fund creation of 3 shrub gardens at Rancho San Rafael. Meeting to follow this one between NDOA and NLT to verify that appropriate star thistle treatment is being done with their $.

New NLT grants being applied for, for continued weed work-

-New TRF grant applied for 8/6 for $100,000

-Carson Truckee Water Treatment – $15,000

Gwen Bourne, GBI crews in the field. Good crew this year. Crews working up at Spooner on oxeye daisy. No professional input for treatment as hand pulling is not practical. Suggested she attend Tahoe CWMA meetings. Tahoe will require NEPA compliance so ck info to see if you need permits or have herbicide requirements to follow. (limited list). Beginning weeklong residential school camps at Camp We-Che-Me to support STEM curriculum. Teacher could pick class content in advance. Also have regular summer camp w 50 kids a week.

Robert Little, NDOA – Wells Fargo agreed to grant ROE’s on some foreclosed properties Lynn Hetrick (?) new deputy director reviewing weed laws so expect to have more “teeth” in them for enforcement. Wanted group to know they have shovels, gloves, water jugs etc. that they are rehabing for anyone to use.

Jamie Greer, NDOA – Got a State and Private grant from USFS ($40) waiting for doing a localized PSA video w curriculum to teach kids and teachers about weeds. Worked w Boys and Girls Club to initiate.

Cheryl Surface,  WaCo, working w NDOA. Contractor Daniel Anderson (w RCI )hired using AARA funding to create Medusahead database – collection and collation of all known areas, means of treatment etc. Believe people/ contractors/ER vehicles that have driven through fire treatment areas are tracking seed back out to non-infested areas. USFS and private entities don’t have track-in track-out procedures to clean equipment as WaCo does. EdMaps new preferred type of mapping system being used for field mapping of infestations. Medusa maps will ultimately be loaded into it. Database will reflect all treatment info gathered.

Ashley Andrews, UNCE –. Web presence for the TW CWMA

New Washoe Weeds website created ( to replace old one. New info now posted. Facebook and Pinterest presences now in place. Any content updates should go to Ashley.

She volunteered will host 2014 meetings

Jamie Greernoted that private land owners and contractors are attending other area’s CWMA. We can host public meeting notice and have them call to get location (as a means of knowing how many/who are coming). Group agreed that it would be good to open our meetings up going forward.

Heather Lyons, Summit Lake Paiute TribeBiggest concern this year was Hoary Cress, primarily in Soldier Meadow. Federal funding came late so all had bloomed already. Recommended she contact Tara Vogle re (NDOA/NRCS) getting info on areas ID’d in Humboldt area. NDOA is going to map Medusahead in the Poodle Hills 20 M east of Gerlach. Has to be mapped before Tara can get funding for treatment.

Date for next meeting:  Tuesday, November 12th 9-10:30 at Nevada Land Trust Office



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