November 2013 TMWCG Meeting Notes

TMWCG Meeting Notes 11/12/13


Present:  Ashley Andrews (UNCE); Nate Weber (Crop Production Services); Heather Lyons (Summit Lake Paiute Tribe); Renee Aldrich (Friends of NV Wilderness); Tracy Visher and Lynda Nelson (Nevada Land Trust: Robert Little and Jamie Greer (NDOA); Gwen Bourne (GBI)

Ashley: 26 Likes for our Facebook page which gives us a direct URL and some behind the scenes analytics visibility.

KTMB is now linking to some content on our Washoe Weed’s website. 787 total views since launch in May.

Ashley passed around a key words list around and asked us to utilize them when contributing posts for the Facebook or website pages.

Renee asked if we are doing the NDOA/UNCE newsletter again this year? Ashley can do layout but needs content from the group. Deadline for submission to her is December 15th. Photos on GBI crews, Nate’s test plots, NLT’s and WC field work.

She said at present the Weed Warrior’s program is not going to go forward without funding and teachers. This impacts herbicide applicators and the GBI crews. Would need Sue Donaldson’s permission to use her curriculum if she isn’t going to continue to work in the field with her own business. First step is to ask her what her plans are. Find out what it costs to put the training on. We could find a way to pay her outside of PERS.

Renee: Their group hosted a Hunter Lake weed pull where approx. 6,000 Musk Thistle weeds. They got a TRF commitment to continue the program next year and utilize an actual crew to do some of the work vs. relying entirely on volunteers.  Robert offered shovels etc. when needed.

Heather: Hoary Cress is the biggest issue on the reservation. A small pocket of Tall Whitetop was found along the lake this year that will be addressed in the spring.

KTMB:  They asked for sites for the spring 5/17 Weed Pull. Tracy will collect suggestions by year-end and forward to them.  She will ask Christi/Jamie for the 2013 list to circulate for consideration

Jamie:  RFP to be issued in early Dec. (small $) competitive scoring will be implemented if there are a large number of proposals. Can be for education/weed eradication etc. She attended a large Weed conference in Wyoming. Wyoming has a large focus on cheatgrass (they have less than we do) and sage grouse habitat.  NV, CA and Utah have the most Medusahead issues. Bio control still important and she and Robert are sitting on a task force for it.

Robert:  MOU being drafted to present to Carson County for cost-sharing efforts to commission for adoption.  Working on which statutes will be put forth during 2015 legislature session. He and Jamie are attending the WWCC (weed coordinators) meeting next week. They will tell their peers they have “busted” Richter’s Herbs and Sales website out of Canada selling noxious weed plants and seeds. (was originally found by someone wanting organic dye for wool).

Gwen: Last week for the year with NLT and work at Tahoe then done for the year. Curriculum is going to change to have more educational time. Their proposal is ½ hr. of field time per week vs. almost all field time. Still working the details out.

Jamie asked her if there are any crews that are here all year. Most are Americrew (120?) who sign up for different term lengths.  They have a research associate program that has 200 members.

Lynda 60 acres of Washoe Fire area being seeded next week following cheat grass treatment last fall with Plateau. Mostly forbs and grasses coming back in but not much for shrubs which are needed for thermal cover for wildlife.

13 acres at Verdi/Riverbend will be seeded next week. It was an AARA project.  Thistle nearby still an issue.

Swan Lake was sprayed for Tall Whitetop with Plateau (13.25 acres) by Hay Services. This was determined by Nate’s test plots.  Thistle may still be an issue there.

Rancho Shrub Gardens – funded by both NDOA and TRF. 3- 80 fenced plant shrub gardens September on the disc golf course area as a start to re-veg the old pasture area.  Each plant has 2 dri-water containers. The disc golf club is taking responsibility for weeding and dri-water change out. This same area is being treated for star thistle by the GBI crew.

This same GBI crew is working this week on Crystal Peak Park, Dorostkar, Rancho and Tom Cooke trail in the canyon.

We need to begin planning the 2014 Action Plan. Bring site recommendations to the Feb. TM CWMA meeting. Has to be a Truckee River water source. NLT got a new TRF grant to fund some of the work next year.

Tracy suggested we do some sort of Education/Outreach to city and county park/open space staff about weeds. (See revised Weed Warrior discussion)

Nate:  If there were any specific weeds or chemistries that people have questions on he would be happy to review the kinds of seed/plant/treatment/timing issues and come up with specific recommendations for any of us who need help. He has some specific ideas he can share.

Swan Lake – using pre-emergent was an interesting idea. He has additional ones.

He has seen some failed grass reseeding efforts that he thinks he can improve results for.

Lynda talked about a treatment and re-seeding effort out at Baker, NV after a fire. She explained that they intended to spray and promptly re-seed which was highly unusual. Investigation suggested that there are certain species (Sandberg blue and squirrel tail) that are resistant to Plateau. She heard that in other areas they use either simultaneous treatment/seed or spraying in the spring and seeding in the fall. Less time between the two could thwart some of the incoming undesirables.  She thinks we could do some test plots with NDOT along I580 in the Washoe Valley to see how cheat responds.

Jamie asked Nate what his test plot criteria was. He said, depending on what free product he can get, he would be able to support <10 acre projects.  He said if we want to plan something he’s open to it. Lynda wants to do a test with Plateau on Medusahead in the early spring. Nate suggests either a little grass up as post emergent, while 4-8” tall if spring work.  Matrix was used by Washoe Co on the 800 acres of Wilcox Ranch in the spring this year. No one has gone bk out to see how it worked.

Tracy suggested creating a reference area on our website for various articles and resource documents. Ashley says if we upload things for public download, we have to have the author’s permission.  Lynda said maybe a binder at worst.

Jamie: Education opportunities. She’s working with Michele Langsdorf (Walker River CWMA) in Smith Valley, who worked with a local ROP (Right of Passage, semi detention) high school to retain students to perform restoration field efforts . They get science credits for doing so. Approximately 15 18 yr old boys did the work. They get lessons and overview then go to the field to do the work (digging, material removal, planting shrubs). They are paid minimum wage.  They started a small green house. The boy’s eyes have been opened to career opportunities that they’d never known about.

Group has questions about how the crews would get paid here if we started up a similar program. NDOA could train etc. but pay would be difficult. We might have to look for grant funding.

Boys and Girls club leadership team of approx. 12 was trained by NDOA last year. They have to do community service so if we work with them we should be able to use them more for weed digs.


2014 meetings will move to UNCE at 4955 Energy Way (near Mill and Rock)

Meeting Dates on Tuesdays 9-11 a.m. :

Q1 February  –  4
Q2 May –  6
Q3 August  –  5
Q4 November  –  4


For February meeting:

  • Answer from Sue D. on availability and future of Weed Warriors
  • Training of county/city people?
  • Come up with station type workshop and refine curriculum for more hands-on training. Our group help set up/tear down etc.
  • 2014 Action Plan
  • Trial locations/plans for Nate



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