February 2014 TMWCG Meeting Notes

Hello, We are updating our member roster! If you are not the individual in your organization who should be receiving the Truckee Meadows Cooperative Weed Management information, would you please be so kind as to let me know to a) take you off our list and b) provide me with contact information RE your replacement? You are receiving this information because your organization has participated in the past and may have signed the founding MOU. Thanks for your help!

Attached please find the minutes from today’s meeting. Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 30th, 9-11 at the UNR Co-Op Extension office at 4955 Energy Way.


TMCWMA Meeting 2-4-14

Held at UNCE Energy Way, Reno


Present: Jaime Greer, NDOA; Lynda Nelson, Taylor Gipe, Tracy Visher, NLT; Cheryl Surface, WA Co Parks; Tara Vogel, NDOW; Ashley Andrews, UNCE; Renee Aldridge, Friends of the NV Wilderness;  Michele Hochrein, Otis Bay; Heather Lyons, Paiute Tribe; Nick Nelson, GBI; Joe Locuro, Program Coordinator for  the NV Conservation District Program; Dean Tonenna, Ethan Hughes, Laura Meadows, BLM.


Jamie: discussion of direction of group. 5 years ago was more of a collaborative group. Last few years meetings really cover just updates on what each group is doing. Where do we want to go from here? Original MOU had a number of named entities, though now many of the other groups don’t always come to the meetings. (Lynda suggested we need to potentially update our contact lists.) Jamie suggests that we re-define boundaries. Lynda asks how this CWMA can bring money directly to the org for work. Sue Donaldson used to bring funds into UNR and the Extension was a fiscal manager. Later NLT managed the funding through Becky. NLT does currently go for and manage grant for Truckee River Fund weed mitigation. In the past, the CWMA was a grant recipient but funds were managed through NLT.


Though Jamie ran meeting today NDOA cannot run going forward because of conflicts re-funding etc. Ashley had anticipated running but cannot going forward as she is only funded for website and Facebook. Said she doesn’t have experience either.


Who will be financial manager? – NLT has managed TRF grants to date. Cheryl just got Medusa grant for CWMA that was collaboration with NDF. Tribe and Friends of NVW don’t have infrastructure to take on fiscal mgt. OK if NLT continue as financial mgr. NDA can provide equipment. Cheryl said County cannot mg, $. Agree to form grant committee for any new funding. Michele will help w projects but cannot lead or manage $. Tara just getting involved. She will help find funding and treatment areas. Nick said GBI works with all entities and can do support but cannot lead.


Who will be group leader? Need to have someone who can set up/lead meetings, create agenda etc. All groups have time/workload issues in being single leaders. Lynda said she and Cheryl could co-lead as they have history with the org. Appreciate that Ashley can do more PR that they didn’t have previously. Can Extension resume some of the education/outreach aspects of original charter? Ultimately agreed that Lynda and Tracy from NLT will co-lead.


Secretary: Tracy Visher will take minutes and disperse.


Who can contribute what?

    • Joe: help find funding
    • Tara: help find funding & committees
    • Cheryl: help w funding and committees
    • NLT: Manage TRF #129 for this year and do financial mgt. for any new grants & Tracy-Secty
    • Renee: help w committees
    • Heather: help w committees
    • Dean: weed program struggling, earliest chemical work later this year, standardizing weed mapping (NISM)
    • Jamie: help find funding & use of equipment
    • Michele: help w committees
    • Jamie will send out the old MOU for group review. If no language changes, group should re-sign a new one to move forward.
    • Need to be sure we have current roster of participants to email and request involvement.

2014 Objectives:

    • Review MOU
    • Form a Grant Committee
    • Find more $? NFWF w other funding support. Consider Desert Terminal Lakes Youth grant. Uses high school kids to work on weeds, collect seeds, and grow seedlings. Comes out around December.
    • Cheryl needs match for $208 for Medusa grant – Its 50% of whole grant ($416) over 3 years. Must be in Washoe County.
    • Work w KTMB for 5/10 Great Reno Cleanup locations –
      • Lynda-Silver Lake and L Pond. Urban Outfitters crew will work that day too. (Thistle) Max 20-25
      • Washoe Co. (Denise?) -Riverbend – Verdi (Thistle) No Max
      • GBI – Damonte Ranch Park – Wetlands (TWT-Thistle)
      • Tara & need another leader here too_ Renown, S. Reno (Thistle & TWT)
      • Jamie & Truckee Meadows Boys and Girls Club, Gateway (Belli later)
      • Friends of NV W – Hunter Creek (mile hike into weeds) Max 10-15
      • Cheryl: Bartley Ranch
      • March 5 at 10a.m. is advanced planning meeting at KTMB for clean-up day.


    • Sue Donaldson will be retained by UNCE to do Weed Warrior training at UNCE in May
    •  WA Co Arboretum Volunteer training sessions first 3 weeks in March (notice is on WA Co website)
    • NV Weed Mgt. Assoc. – Renewed task force that can lobby for weed mgt. support at State level. Becky McFarland new Pres.
    • NDOA using EDMAPs moving forward- online national database. You can create login to access. There is a smartphone app that can be used for field mapping that would upload to web database and arc maps (once NV centric back-end is done).
    • Revising NRS555 to include more enforcement. Old statute written requiring county level participation. New MOU will parse county and support their own initiative with $. Contact Robert Little for more info.
    • NDA got an increase in fees to support Robert Little’s position and Jamie asked for $40K for on the ground work in 2015.
    • 3/13 1-3 or 4 @ NDA office – Upcoming Medusa Head Task Force meeting. Utah group to present.
    • Tara Vogel said bacteria just released that will help kill cheat and medusa. Looking in NV that would be willing to field test it. County has property that might help. Peavine for cheat.
    • Nevada Cheat Grass Access Team (NCAT), created through Sage Grouse and managed by Sagebrush Ecosystem.

Next meeting 4/30/14 – 9-11am at UNCE office on Energy

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