February 2016 TMWCG Meeting Notes

TMWCG February Weed Meeting

In attendance:
Renee Aldrich, Jen Budge, Lyndsey Boyer, Jake Dick, Daniel Anderson, Nate Weber, Lynda Nelson, Danielle Henderson, Anna Higgins, Lori Leonard, Pam Bedard, Sam Scherneck, Lindsey Panton, Monique Gil, Margaret Lindman, Alec Chioro, Miguel Gonzales, Nora Kaufmann, Andy Hauck, Jaime Souza, Dean Tonenna, Taylor Gipe.

NEXT MEETING:  April 19th 9:00- 10:30  Bartley Ranch Park Brick House

2014-2015 Weed Report is complete. Summarizes TRF #129 work. Approximately 30 sites mapped and treated in 2014; approx. 15 sites in 2015.
NLT’s budget for mapping and treatment costs also passed around table.

NLT is out of money for mapping and treatment.
Any additional funding/grant opportunity ideas?

Need more mapping in the places added to our group’s overall treatment area.
Upcoming Events:
Coffee and Conservation forum coming up February 18th 8am-9:30 @ whole feeds. Speaker Jeff Bryant. Then march 17th by TMWA about Truckee Meadows Operating Agreement.
Forum will be every third Thursday of the Month.

Taylor will be leaving NLT this spring. Any ideas for new NLT GIS coordinator position?

Pam, City of Reno – parks are still pesticide free. Not pushing to do pre-emergent treatment.
Goat Grazers possible for Rainbow Ridge Park and Valleywood Park. Need to work with Vince Thomas and give homeowners notice.

Nate Weber, Crop Production Services- Contacted by Daniel Anderson to coordinate with Carson City Weed Coalition and target Washoe Valley for the many weed species spreading there. Need to get State Parks on board to get treatments going.

Lyndsey Boyer, GBI is recruiting for noxious weed techs. Treatments and mapping needed. GBI has also finished biocontrol projects. Next step is to monitor in the spring.
Daniel, Carson City Weed Coalition- Building program for spring treatments. Have about 10,000 dollars left. Main focus is along Carson River Cooridor and Carson City Open Space. And north end of Carson Valley.
Andy, NDA- Lots of changes at NDA. New position doing GIS work for whole department. More free reign to cooperate with other agencies for GIS related things in the interest of the NDA.  Use EDDMaps!

Jate, NDA -, filling in other roles at NDA. Splitting time between outreach and regulatory.  If you want educational outreach our regulatory letters sent, you can contact Jate.
Jamie Abbot’s position should be posted in next couple of weeks.

Jen, Washoe County – purchased 21 acres on the river. Treating that in the spring. Many weeds – possible cleanup site. Access challenge with railroad. Carcione family once owned it. Have money for restoration.  Weed treatments on San Raphael and Betsy Caughlin Donnelly pastures. Still have Medusahead grant and will be participating in the cleanup.

Dean, BLM – Working to get noxious weed data compiled. A lot of information is being digitized. A lot of point data from past and some polygon data. Big effort hoping to be finished by May. BLM has NISMS but can be shared with NDA and EDDMaps. Also will  be writing up site specific treatment areas. Probably going to be SageGrouse oriented. – could be focused on north of Reno and in the Pinenut Range.

Danielle, TRFMA- If flood property sites need treatment this year, let Danielle know so she can add it to the budget for this year.

Lori, TNC- will have volunteer opportunities available this year, contact her for more details.
102 ranch looks really good, has really evolved – lots growing.

Miguel,GBI- not much going on in the Truckee watershed. Sent out an email about a grant opportunity in December. Not able to put in this year but maybe next year. NFWF grant for spots that need hand treatment. Conservation youth oriented. Internships available through AmeriCorps.

Anna, NDF – Chris Christopoulos has gone to the sagebrush ecosystem team. His position is available now.
Tahoe state parks have been doing hand treatments of cheat grass and thistle. Hoping to start seed production at the nursery in Washoe Valley. Hoping to incorporate seeding in mastication projects.

Norah Friends of Nv Wilderness- Getting started on weed treatments this year at the great community cleanup at Hunter Creek. 5 weed treatment sites that have scouted and monitored. Focusing on musk thistle and Perennial Pepperweed and Medusahead near heli-pads from past firefighting. Open to volunteers. At least 8 upcoming projects through May and June. Contact Norah.

Jaime, KTMB- Great Community Cleanup coming up April 30th 8am to noon..
KTMB often gets requests for one day volunteer projects. Happy to spread volunteers out. Trying to have a few less sites this year. Partners need to really prioritize sites. Can save sites for other volunteer days later on. Can be weed cleanup, dump site cleanup, etc. think about how we can get more creative with the sites so volunteers don’t get tired of the same thing every year. Restoration ideas…? Growing event. Over 800 volunteers. Bartley ranch 12-2 volunteer appreciation event. Need to make sure to incorporate some part of educational aspect to the day so that they take something away from the event and advocate a weed free community. Take time to I.D. weeds or explain why the site needs attention etc. would like to see some collaboration of partners at the bbq event afterwards to have a informational table, educational outreach etc…
If you have a weed site even outside of the great community cleanup with a lot of vegetation that needs to be dumped. There is funding for green waste dumpsters.
Need at least 6 sites.

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