April 2016 TMWCG Meeting Notes

TMWCG April Weed Meeting

In attendance:
Lynda Nelson, Lauren McCullough, Lindsey Panton, Matthew Salazar, Cheryl Surface, Nora Kaufmann, Lori Leonard, Chris Cobb, Dean Tonenna, Nate Weber, Nick Stever, Pam Bedard

NEXT MEETING:  August 9, 2016    9:00- 10:30   Bartley Ranch Park Brick House

Agency Updates:

BLM: Dean Tonenna- BLM still updating the RMP, the weed EA is completed, three new herbicides have been approved for use, Matrix, Milestone, and Perspective.  Will be working on site specific weed treatment plans.  Has received a lot of funding for Sage Grouse, may be funds available, Will have a booth at Earth Day.  BLM has a challenge cost share agreement with the Carson River Subconservancy for treatment of weeds.

Washoe County:  Cheryl Surface-Had a weed pulling day at Crystal Peak park to focus on Poison Hemlock, whitetop, and will look for any knapweed.  Cheryl hoping to get match from NDOW for the NDF medusahead grant, needs the match before any treatment can begin.  Possible funding from Dream Tags and Heritage grant.  The North Carcione parcel on the Truckee River (20 acres) is being treated for weeds from proceeds from the purchase,  the Arrowcreek area is undergoing fuels treatment by mastication with a grant and work from NDF.  Ted Borda sheep are also working in the Arrowcreek area again for eating cheatgrass to reduce fire danger, they will not eat medusahead.

TNC-Lori Leonard-Had two volunteer events for planting native shrubs at the Mustang site on the Truckee River, south side of the river.  Will also be participating in the Great Truckee Meadows Community Cleanup,  they continue to do spraying for tall whitetop.

Crop Production Services-Nate Weber-Nate reported on the Nevada Weed Management Association meeting and sent a copy of the state weed plan which will be sent out to the TMWCG.  They are looking into ways to generate funds for CWMA’s, license plate tax, etc.

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful Cleanup-Lindsey Panton/Matthew- reported approx. 750 volunteers signed up for April 30 cleanup, 10 total weed sites this year with an emphasis on 5 major weed sites, Mustang, Oxbow, Swan Lake, Hunter Creek Canyon trail.

City of Sparks-Chris Cobb- Our newest member of the TMWCG. Chris reported that the City of Sparks just passed a no camping ordinance along the Truckee River, which they will be working on until August, so no weed treatments this year along the river.

Friends of NV Wilderness-Nora Kaufmann-they have 12 events in the MT. Rose wilderness in May and June… they also will be participating in the Great cleanup by digging thistle along the Hunter Creek Canyon trail head.

Nevada Land Trust-Lynda Nelson-announced they only have approx. $2000 remaining on the TRF #129 grant, the remaining funds are allocated for use in Rainbow Ridge and Valleywood Parks for goat grazing of tall white top.  Pam Bedard, City of Reno to contact Vince with Goat Grazers to coordinate.  NLT also announced that Taylor Gipe, GIS Specialist has left the land trust and Marsha Cardinal is working now 1 day a week on mapping efforts.  NLT will be treating weeds this season at Silver Lake and Winnemucca Ranch area, as both of these areas have secured funds for treatment.   Also, a donation was made to NLT from a private party to do weed treatment in Evans Canyon above Rancho San Rafael, so we will contract for that work also.   We need to look for funds for mapping weeds this year and for treatment.  The Army National Guard and the BLM has partnered to help map weeds at Swan Lake, as well as the cattails growing in Swan Lake.  NLT in coordination with Washoe County, NDOW and BLM will write a cattail treatment plan for the Swan Lake area.

City of Reno-Pam Bedard-Busy with planting flowerbeds and pots, will contact Vince from Goat Grazers re: Valleywood and Rainbow Ridge Parks.  NLT to pay for contract up to $2000.

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