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Digital strategy built to succeed and scale.

Our approach to digital development.

Having a clear and consistent digital strategy is the difference between success and failure with cost savings on the line. Online strategies aren’t a one-size-fits-all. We tailor a dedicated strategy to your business and market.

By understanding your products and services we’ll ensure your digital advertising takes advantage of the latest features and management techniques to increase your results and lower your costs. With a successful digital marketing strategy you can directly target prospective customers, increase engagement, and create positive return on investment.


Cross-Platform Consistency


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Strategy Unique As Your Business

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Results Reporting

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The Parilon Digital Strategy Difference

Here's what drives our strategy development and success.
Full Circle Planning & Measurement

There's nothing worse than having a great strategy to implement, but no way to track results. We track everything along the entire user journey to see what's working and where to optimize.

Flexible and Cohesive Development

Nothing online is static, and neither is your business. We make sure our strategy and development is nimble and flexible. So when changes or updates occur, you can stay at the forefront of your customer's purchase journey.

Collaborative Core

We understand that you might need a digital strategy but want to execute in-house. We cater step-by-step strategy plans to help execute and dominate your industry on your time.

Ready to maximize your digital potential? Here's our process:

Introductions and Onboarding

Tell us about your business goals and your experience with digital advertising. We’ll make sure we’re on the same page to determine what really matters to your business online with a 30-60 minute call. Parilon Digital will request analyst access to your Digital Advertising platforms and begin your strategy plan.

Strategy Build Process

We’ll cover all the points in our detailed breakdown and more depending on your personalized requests.


We might be in-touch to confirm any new opportunities that arise from your analytics data. If your business has specialized needs we can include in-depth analysis on unique segments. This step usually takes 3 to 5 days.

Reports & Outline

The final strategy submission will outline a cohesive strategy plan across all your digital platforms and those that link to your in-store systems.


The report will provide a blueprint of available opportunities to conquer and master your market digitally.? Parilon Digital can implement the strategy or you can take it in-house or to your current marketing team.

A handful of what we cover

Unique strategies customized for every project.

Google Ads

Ensure your Google Ads are built to succeed via proper campaign structure, targeting settings, bidding, keyword tactics and more across your digital marketing assets.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great tool to share your brand to the world, but it’s also an effective lead generation tool. Move past spending money on likes and towards conversions and engaging traffic on Facebook and other social media marketing channels

Reporting & Analytics

We’ll outline the metrics and data that matter to your business, not fluff. By outlining proper reporting and analytics we can find growth and success that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Page Optimization

You’ve invested into digital marketing and are now sending prospective buyers to your site, but they’re not biting. Landing page optimization is both a science and an art. Mapping effective pages that convert and drive traffic is a major segment of any effective online strategy.

Everything Else

While this is just a sample of our capabilities, we’re happy to expand and share our knowledge of mastering digital design, website design, digital tools and connecting in-store sales practices to your online business arm.

Build a successful digital strategy that drives leads quicker with Parilon Digital.

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