Prevent Weed Spread

goatheadsTireLPrevent Weed Spread

Weeds are spread in many ways. Any time people or their animals work or play in areas infested by invasive weeds, there is a chance they will move the infestation to a new area.

When a vehicle is driven through a weed-infested area, weed seeds may become lodged between the tire treads, in the coils of a winch, behind the license plate, or in cracks and crevices on the underside of the vehicle. Seeds may travel hundreds of miles before falling off in an area where weeds were not previously found. The source of many infestations has been traced to roads, trails, railroads and other transportation corridors.atvL

Weeds are also spread during construction and maintenance activities, when contaminated fill, gravel, topsoil and other products are moved from an infested site to your neighborhood.

For more information about weed control, and for suggested language to include in job specifications and contracts, read “Measures to Prevent the Spread of Noxious and Invasive Weeds.”

Do’s and Don’ts of Weed Prevention and Control

  • Take no action until you’re sure the weed is correctly identified. Don’t be afraid to ask for help (see the list of contacts).
  • Avoid continually disturbing soil, or leaving expanses of bare soil. These actions encourage weed infestation. Clear only the area necessary for your project.
  • Make sure any shipments of gravel, fill, or topsoil come from weed-free locations. If necessary, inspect the source.
  • After earth-moving construction projects, monitor the site
    carefully to find and control weed infestations early.