The Law

The Law

Few people are aware that Nevada law mandates the control of noxious weeds. A noxious weed is an invasive weed that has been deemed sufficiently damaging to the environment and economy that control is required. Responsibilities are described in NRS 555.

The landowner or occupier is directed to control noxious weeds on his or her land. This means private residents, city, county, state, or federal landowners. Effective weed management takes the participation of all land managers, as weeds do not respect political boundaries!

Nevada law also provides a list of noxious weed species in NAC 555. New weeds threatening the state are added periodically to the list. Currently, 47 species are included. The law is administered by the Nevada Department of Agriculture:

The State Quarantine Officer conducts the noxious weed program in the manner outlined in NRS 555. The Inspection and Destruction of Noxious Weeds Section of NRS 555 advises that the control of noxious weeds is the responsibility of every landowner or occupant. The following are excerpts from these statutes:

NRS 555.130 – The State Quarantine Officer declares which weeds are noxious to the State.

NRS 555.150 – Every landowner or occupier, whether private, city, county, or federal shall cut, destroy, or eradicate all noxious weeds as required by the State Quarantine Officer.

NRS 555.160 – The State Quarantine Officer shall ascertain the name of the owner or occupant of infested lands. The State Quarantine Officer may serve notice in writing upon the owner or occupant to cut, destroy or eradicate the weeds within such a time and in such a manner as described in the notice.

NRS 555.170 – Should the owner/occupant fail, neglect, or refuse to comply, the State Quarantine Officer may notify the board of county commissioners for the county in which the property is situated. The county board of commissioners shall proceed to have cut, destroyed, or eradicated the weeds in accordance with the initial notice.

NRS 555.180 – Control costs not paid by the owner shall be a lien against the property and shall be collected as provided by the law for the collection of other liens.

NRS 555.202-208 – Provides for the creation of a weed district that would be authorized to undertake the above steps to control weeds designated by the district.

NAC 555.035 – A list of Nevada’s weed control districts.

NAC 555.010 – A list of Nevada’s noxious weeds. They can also be found here on this website.


The NDOA also provides advice on control measures and administers the Certified Weed-free Forage Program.