White Flowers

Russian Thistle

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    • Bushy annual that grows 6 inches to 3 feet tall
    • Reproduces by seed
    • Seedlings resemble tiny pine trees
    • Stems are often striped red or purple; mature plants may have a reddish appearance
    • Leaves grow alternately on the stem, are string-like at the base, and grow shorter and spine-tipped at the top of the plant
    • Spiny flowers grow inconspicuously where the upper leaves join the stem
    • Dead plants will break off and roll with the wind, scattering seeds
    • Herbicides are available and plants should be sprayed during the early stages of life



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    • Annual
    • Grows 1 to 6 feet tall
    • Stems are highly branched
    • Leaves grow alternately, are lance-shaped, and about 2 inches long
    • Leaves are hairy underneath with a smooth upper surface
    • Flowers grow among the upper leaves inconspicuously, and form short spikes at the top of the plant
    • Remove prior to seed set by pulling, hoeing or mowing
    • Easily controlled mechanically in the seedling stage
    • Herbicides are available

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